What the Press say about MyKeepon:

Quite Frankly the press have been all over the Keepons like a veritible cheap dress. They simply love it and many of them are touting the little yellow robot as the must have gift of the year. However, don’t take our word for it as evidently we are very very biased!

Mykeepon on MSN Tech news:

MSN’s tech and Gadget news tout Mykeepon as being one of the top toys of 2011. Not bad! They say the research project which was originally for autism therapy is now being adapted for the top market and looks set to be huge!

Keepons as featured on Engadget:

Engadget Logo

Engadget claim they have been having a torrid affair with the Keep on robot since 2007 as his “simple yellow shape and unflappable adhearance to the beat captured our hearts”. Sweet!

Keepons as they appeared in the Metro NewspaperMetro Logo:

The metro describe the little fella as the robot that keeps on bobbing! A modern take on the dancing flower of the 1990′s The Keepon (also known as Mykeepon) has already taken the US by storm and gathered a huge following on Youtube.

“It will appeal to everyone from 8 year old girls through to 30 year old executives”.

Slash Gear describe the Keepon as:

Slash Gear LogoAn endearing yellow spongeball robot which has now spawned a toy version called ‘My Keepon’. The Mykeepon will keep the essence of the Keepon robot which was originally designed as a learning aid for autistic children whilst replicating the robots most engaging interactive traits. With a toy price tag. Lovely!

Bot Junkie – the online robots magazine say about the Keepon:

Bot Junkie LogoThe AWESOME Beatbots have released the AWESOME Keepon after a three year wait. Beatbots – the maker of the original Keepon pro (the one which cost a mere $30,000) which is everyones favourite little yellow squishybot and possibly the Worlds greatest robot dancer is soon to be available in the guise of Mykeepon.  The manufacturers are trying very hard to ensure that the core look and functionality which make the little fella so endearing will remain in the toy version.

Crave – the gadget blog from CNET say about the Keepon:

Crave LogoHere’s something you will defintely crave about! A toy version of the extremely cute, uber cool dancing robot Keepon is in the works and will sell for around $40.  Beatbots have teamed up with a toy manufacturer from the UK to develop this little dance machine which will be able to look around with little eyes, bounce up and down like a monkey and dance around to the groove!

Gizmodo say the $30,000 Keepon is soon to be on sale for $40:

Gizmodo LogoGizmodo describe the cute Keepon as a toy robot which can recognise musical beats and dance rhythmically to the tunes of your choice. The little fella responds to touch – he can be your little robot pet and really enjoys a cuddle. This is quite simply one curiously cute creation!

WPR (WatchPlayRead) say about the Keepon home edition:

Watch Play Read LogoAs the prices come down, robots are starting to become more common. This equally applies to the absoultely cute dancing robot which will cost a mere 0.0001% of the cost of the original. This robotic toy, will sit on your desk and dance to music to your hearts content.

So there you have it folks. It really does appear that the Keepon is going to be the “MUST HAVE” robotic toy of Christmas 2011. So what are you waiting for??? Check out where you can buy the keepon (here) and give your loved ones the treat of the year!

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